About David

Born and raised in Long Island, NY David O is currently performing and teaching drums in Southern California.

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Drum Lessons

David teaches drum lessons out of his studio in downtown Santa Ana as well as The Drum Lab studio in Laguna Hills.

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Upcoming Gigs and Clinics

Check out where David will be teaching or performing!

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Vic Firth Education Artist

Latest Posts

Workshop and Clinic at The Drum Lab on Sunday 10-9-2016

My band Outside Pedestrian is returning to The Drum Lab in Laguna Hills, CA! We will be reprising our jazz clinic and workshop from last year. From 4-5pm, we will be presenting a clinic in which we will perform and discuss several of our compositions and standards. From 5pm-7pm, workshop participants will have the opportunity to […]

Building 3-16 Kick Drum Grooves (Free PDF)

These exercises, which utilize 3-16 kick drum patterns, will help build your polymetric groove vocabulary. We’ll start with playing just the kick drum pattern against a quarter note to get familiar with the three measure phrase–notice the 4 against 3 polyrhythm. Then we’ll mix in the measure positions with 8th notes on the hats and […]

Dotted 8th Note Over Paradiddle Exercise (video)

Here’s a challenging drumming independence exercise that also sounds musical. It’s a sixteenth note paradiddle between the snare and kick drum where the right hand is replaced by the kick drum – KLKKLKLL – That frees the right hand–which is playing every third sixteenth note on the cymbal stack. The icing on the cake is […]