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Born and raised in Long Island, NY David O is currently performing and teaching drums in Southern California.

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Drum Lessons

David teaches drum lessons out of his studio in downtown Santa Ana as well as The Drum Lab studio in Laguna Hills.

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Check out where David will be teaching or performing!

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Vic Firth Education Team Member

Vic Firth Education Team Member

Latest Posts

Drumstick Grip Placement – German Grip

When using german grip, some of my drum students have asked where exactly should their drumsticks be placed in relation to their palms. There are two schools of thought here. The first is that the stick should be placed directly down the middle of the palm (fig 1). Some drummers like this placement as the […]

How to Hold Drum Sticks for Beginners (Video)

In terms of holding the sticks, there are a few different grip points to consider. The Moeller book teaches it from the back fingers (little finger grip). Murray Spivack’s technique teaches the fulcrum between the thumb and middle finder. For most beginners I find that the easiest fulcrum to teach and learn is between the […]

Tango Crash – Otra Senata – Drum Cover (Video)

Wanted to work on something unique that brought in my interest in Tango. Tango Crash is a tango, electro fusion outfit that’s based in Berlin and performs mostly in Europe and South America. They have been developing their sound that includes electronics mixed with piano, drums, trumpet, cello and bandoneón since the late 90s. Since […]

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