3-16 kick drum grooves

Building 3-16 Kick Drum Grooves

These exercises, which utilize 3-16 kick drum patterns (dotted 8ths), will help build your polymetric groove vocabulary. We’ll start with playing just the kick drum pattern against a quarter note to get familiar with the three measure phrase–notice the 4 against 3 polyrhythm. Then we’ll mix in the measure positions with 8th notes on the hats and snare drum backbeats in order to create more usable grooves. Enjoy!
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NAMM Show 2016

Thanks to the Vic Firth family for getting me to NAMM 2016! Here are some pictures of my experience from the show.

And these Evans ’56 Calftone heads are going to give REMO’s Vintage line of heads a run for their money…