Dotted 8th Note Over Paradiddle Exercise (video)

Here’s a challenging drumming independence exercise that also sounds musical. It’s a sixteenth note paradiddle between the snare and kick drum where the right hand is replaced by the kick drum – KLKKLKLL – That frees the right hand–which is playing every third sixteenth note on the cymbal stack. The icing on the cake is adding eighth notes with the hi-hat pedal. However, since the pattern is rather busy I decided not to include the hi-hat foot in the notation.

3-16 Hi-Hat Grooves

I’ve been working on a series of 3-16 grooves drum lesson videos. 3-16 simply refers to a grouping of three 16th notes. So for example, if we play continuous 16th notes in 4/4 time and accent every third sixteenth note we get an underlying pulse or phrase that resolves itself every three measures. This video demonstrates that idea by accenting every third 16th note on the high hat while keeping an underlying basic rock beat. Try counting out loud when practicing these exercises so you can hear the three note pattern in relationship to the time in four. The accents will always fall in this order: “downbeat”, “a”, “&”, “e” creating an over the bar line 3 measure phrase. This video is a great introduction for this type of playing. Download Lesson PDF

NAMM Show 2016

Thanks to the Vic Firth family for getting me to NAMM 2016! Here are some pictures of my experience from the show.

And these Evans ’56 Calftone heads are going to give REMO’s Vintage line of heads a run for their money…

Jazz at the Pollock Faculty Concert

I’ll be performing at College of the Desert this Friday, November 13th starting at 7pm. It’s a joint faculty concert featuring Dr. Anthony Fesmire (Guitar, Outside Pedestrian) and Dr. Kelly Corbin. Rounding out the ensemble will be David Lockeretz from Outside Pedestrian on bass and Dan Waddell on Piano. Here is a video of the same lineup playing at the Pollock Theatre during Outside Pedestrian’s CD release concert.