3-16 kick drum grooves

Building 3-16 Kick Drum Grooves

These exercises, which utilize 3-16 kick drum patterns (dotted 8ths), will help build your polymetric groove vocabulary. We’ll start with playing just the kick drum pattern against a quarter note to get familiar with the three measure phrase–notice the 4 against 3 polyrhythm. Then we’ll mix in the measure positions with 8th notes on the hats and snare drum backbeats in order to create more usable grooves. Enjoy!
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Double Strokes using the Moeller Technique

One of the ways we can produce a double stroke roll :RRLLRRLL: is by using the Moeller Technique. To get the double stroke using Moeller you simply play a downstroke followed by an upstroke with the same hand. The video above demonstrates what that looks like.

If your just starting out on the drums the Moeller technique is a good technique to learn, and it can be applied to so many rudiments. The double stroke (also called the long roll) is one of the most important rudiments because it is the building block of so many other rudiments. Getting double strokes to sound even and consistent takes daily exercise.

So go practice and have fun!