Paradiddle Speed Exercises

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I wrote a few Moeller Paradiddle exercises for one of my students but you guys might like it too so check out the content above. Basically it’s breaking down the Moeller paradiddle into two builder exercises.

The first builder is just the Moeller paradiddle without the last diddle. The objective here is to focus on this alternating down up tap or what some people call the wave.

The second builder which is just the first five beats of a paradiddle-so we’re focusing on building one side of the diddles at a time. The objective here is to pay equal attention to each side of the diddles.

In the lesson PDF the strokes are notated as either Down, Up, or Tap. Also, there are some suggestions for exercises that combine both builders and the complete paradiddle.

These exercise builders can help build fast and clean paradiddles while utilizing the Moeller technique. Now go and practice and have fun with it!

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